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How to watch the Tyler1 Championship Series Finals

What started as a meme has quickly morphed into one of League’s most interesting third-party tournaments

Gladiator Draven Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship is long behind us, and All-Stars isn’t for another week, which means it’s time once again for League streamer Tyler1 to host his annual tournament.

Renamed this year to the Tyler1 Championship Series, the amateur North American tournament is quickly becoming one of the highlights of the preseason, and one of the most impressive third-party tournaments in the League of Legends scene. Just like last year’s tournament, this year has featured former pros like Scarra and QTPie’s Meme Stream Dream Team faced off with the likes of North American solo queue legends like TFBlade, but the overall quality of play seems to be rising from where it was last year.

Along with the upgrade in competition, have come a few huge upgrades in presentation as well. What started out as a meme that allowed a, still-banned, Tyler1 to have a presence in League of Legends without actually playing the game, this year the tournament has morphed into something resembling a real online third-party tournament. There are impressive graphics, sleek and seamless replays and a parade of community talent that’s been brought in to help host and cast the event.

With an already impressive tournament so far, the Final stage Tyler1 Championship Series 2018 may actually shape up to be an impressive League series. Team E Turner, TFBlade’s team, will be facing off against Polar Aces, a team full of players that have hovered around both the Academy series and the top-levels of the North American Collegiate scene.

The Finals will begin on Saturday, Dec. 1 at 1 p.m. ET and will be broadcast live on Tyler1’s Twitch channel.