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K/DA’s Pop/Stars tops the Billboard chart for World Digital Song Sales

The song sits above two major K-pop groups

Riot Games

Everyone has been going nuts over League of Legends’ new music project, K/DA. From learning the dance to making fan art, fans have been celebrating the pop group and their single “Pop/Stars.” That single has now officially topped the Billboard chart for World Digital Song Sales.

The single sits above two songs by major K-pop groups, the new single “Tempo” by EXO and “Fake Love” by BTS. “Tempo” released on Nov. 2 and the music video sits at 41 million views on YouTube. “Pop/Stars” sits at 56 million views and debuted on Nov. 3. And to be clear — beating out one of the most popular K-pop boy bands is no joke.

The song is performed by a mix of artists. Soyeon and Miyeon of K-pop girl group (G)I-dle sing for Akali and Ahri, respectively. American pop artists Madison Beer and Jaira Burns voice Evelynn and Kai’Sa’s parts. The popularity of the music video and song have even led Riot to update K/DA Akali to include her extremely popular neon look from the music video.

Even over 10 days after the song’s release, the K/DA fan hype is still going strong. While it’ll eventually peter out, we’re all K/DA stans now.