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Tyler1 breaks Twitch records in his first stream after his ban

He even won his first game back!

Popular streamer Tyler1 finally returned to streaming League of Legends on Monday for the first time since he was banned from the game for consistent toxic behavior nearly two years ago.

The Twitch stream started on the IRL channel, with Tyler1 welcoming his fans back to his channel and explaining how he spent some of his time during the ban — all this while dressed as his signature champion, Draven. From the moment the stream started, Tyler1’s loyal fans started resubscribing to his channel which seemed to gain a new sub every few seconds for at least the first hour. Shortly after his introduction, Tyler1 launched League of Legends, and signed in for his first game back.

While in queue for the first game, the stream hit its peak viewer count at 386,000, a new Twitch record for an individual streamer — breaking the previous record set by SK Telecom T1’s Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok last year.

In his first game, Tyler1 won and went 10/5/12 despite having Draven banned — something he thinks will happen a lot over the next two weeks — and dealing with consistent attempts by the enemy team to provoke a glimpse of the old raged-filled Tyler1.

Tyler1 was banned by Riot Games in 2016 for his consistent toxic behavior on stream. His ban is one of the few instances of Riot issuing an ID Ban, which results in any account a player creates getting banned immediately. However, after going through the appeals process, Tyler1 had his case reviewed and his ban was lifted 613 days after it was put in place.

Tyler1’s stream can be seen on his Twitch channel.