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Tyler1 has officially been unbanned by Riot


Riot Games

On Thursday, popular streamer and notoriously banned player, Tyler1 has said that he has been unbanned by Riot Games.

Tyler1’s ban came after he grew his streaming brand off the back of extremely toxic behavior over the course of several years which Riot finally determined was unacceptable. This ban was initially set as an indefinite amount of time with Tyler1 having the ability to appeal the ban after one year.

Riot refers to bans on this level as ID Bans, they are the most severe bans that Riot serves to players and constitute bans on all known accounts. These bans are only reversed if Riot determines that they have convincing and overwhelming evidence of a player’s reformed behavior.

Tyler1 has remained a part of the League of Legends community since receiving his ban almost two years ago and has consistently insisted that he was on the path towards fully reforming his toxic behavior. Just a few months ago, Tyler1 put together his own amateur LoL tournament called the T1 Invitational which garnered as many viewers as a weekly NA LCS match.

According to a second tweet, Tyler1 will start streaming League of Legends again on Monday Jan. 8 at 3 p.m. CST on his Twitch channel.

It is unlikely that there will be an official comment on the situation from Riot themselves. As the company outlined late last year in a post on the subject of ID Bans, Riot made clear that they do not comment publicly on ID Bans and will only communicate directly with the player involved.