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Watch Yasuo, Lucian and more fight in the new cinematic, The Climb

There’s always gonna be another mountain ...

Riot Games

Riot Games has released a cinematic featuring many beloved champions to celebrate the start of the ranked season coming on Jan. 16.

The short features a handful of champions fighting different forces, using brilliant and beautiful transitions to jump from one part of Runeterra to the next.

We see Yasuo, Taliyah, Ekko, Blitzcrank, Miss Fortune, Illaoi (or her tentacles at least), Lucian and Thresh. Arguably those little zombies that Lucian was fighting resembles Yorick’s guys, but that could be a reach.

This cinematic was short and it flowed together extremely well. The camera movements, transitions and paths that the champions were taking all contributed to making a two minute clip that was stitched together perfectly.

It’s been a long time since we got a cinematic that wasn’t tied to a champion reveal, skin or update, with the last being A New Dawn in 2014. Seeing champions interact like this is awesome and we want to see more!