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New Star Guardian animated trailer shows Ahri’s resolve

This is some Madoka-level shit.

The latest Star Guardian animation has arrived and though it’s much shorter than last year’s, it still is shiny and story-telling.

We already got a bit of information about Ahri in the Universe post and bios but something about seeing the cracked Star Guardian amulets made it much sadder than before.

We know that three of her former teammates died in a previous fight, but those colors make us want to guess who they were in the League universe. Gold, blue and green could be just about anyone in the game, but we’re all ears to guesses.

This cinematic is much more serious than the previous Star Guardian animation and there’s no corny song to go with this year’s. We are gifted an intense magical girl transformation scene, complete with a flashy pose afterwards.

Ahri really is the star of this event, proven by the fact that the four other Guardians in her team didn’t get to speak, much less did they even really show up aside from some glowing and the cut at the end.

The Star Guardian event takes place from September 7 until September 25 and it will come with new skins, new missions and an entirely new game mode.