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‘Taunt’ app turns watching competitive League into a multiplayer game

Show your friends that you’re the best League analyst ever.

Riot Games

A new company called Taunt is launching a mobile app that turns competitive League matches into an interactive game for viewers.

Throughout matches, Taunt will ask questions, such as “Which team will get the next kill?” and fans will pick an answer. Getting the answer right will give reputation in the community as well as special badges.

All the challenges are real time and Taunt uses machine learning to ask engaging questions as the match continues.

“We’re looking to make watching esports a much richer experience,” Pioneer Square Labs co-founder Ben Gilbert said in a press release. “The status quo today is an unreadable river of chat messages and message boards. The fans deserve a real social layer with competition, reputation, and statistics to engage around the game.”

This offers a sweet and convenient experience that lets players make wagers (for pride, not for money) on events in the game all within an app.

An alpha of Taunt will be launched during the Worlds 2017 for testing and it will be available here.