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Championship Ashe proceeds will be matched with charity donation from Riot

25 percent of all sales of the skin will be donated!

Riot Games

It’s that time of year again, a new Championship skin has been released just in time for the World Championship. This year’s skin is Championship Ashe, and just like last year, 25 percent of the proceeds will go towards the World Championship prize pool.

New for this year, Riot will also be matching 25 percent of all Championship Ashe skin sales to donating to a few different charities that the company has partnered with.

The charities in question are BasicNeeds, which seeks to help those with mental illness and epilepsy in low and middle income countries, Learning Equality, a charity dedicated to bringing education to communities that don’t have internet access and The Raspberry Pi Foundation, which helps make low cost educational computers for people around the world.

According to Riot, there will be a community wide vote held after the 2017 World Championship with the winner of the vote getting 50 percent of the donation pool, while the other two charities each get 25 percent. While there is no word what regions the vote will be open to, your Honor level in game will determine how much weight your vote carries.

The Championship Ashe skin is out now.