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‘Legends Never Die’ is the Worlds theme song players have been waiting for

Can you hear them screaming out your name?

The theme song for this year’s World Championship has released! Riot Games worked with Against the Current to produce “Legends Never Die,” a song that truly encompasses how epic Worlds is.

Last year we had “Ignite” by popular EDM producer and songwriter Zedd and the year before that voice actor and singer Nicki Taylor performed “Worlds Collide.” In 2014, Imagine Dragons created “Warriors,” which set the standard for epic Worlds theme songs.

The general reaction to this year’s song is positive, as the song is extremely catchy. The cover photo for it is cool, too as it shows Ashe and Lee Sin in the silhouette of a very ambiguous player.

There is no sign if Riot is going to release an animated video with this song, though it should be noted that when “Ignite” and “Warriors” came out, they released with the video, so don’t get your hopes up. We can still dream, though.