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Gold Coin United’s PSY parody video is some quality esports content

Oh, my GOD.

Challenger Series champions and hopeful NA LCS team Gold Coin United, released a video today showing the team and staff replicating k-pop star PSY’s music video, New Face. It is...shockingly well done.

The team clearly worked hard to learn the dance and time their parts and we’re impressed.

The bit where AD Carry Sam “Rikara” Oh, acting as PSY, was sticking out of the car while pretending to paddle the boat-car had me in stitches. Oh really gets the MVP award for this video, as his PSY imitations and dancing were just so on point.

We just have so many questions. Whose idea was this? How did they manage to film these scenes without absolutely dying of laughter? How much training had to go into this? Regardless of any of these answers, I’m a GCU fan now.

PSY is widely known for his Gangnam Style music video, but all of his music videos are hilarious with iconic dances — perfect for imitating. You can check out the original music video below.