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Here’s all the League stuff you can do at PAX West 2017

Riot won’t have a booth in the hall, but they will have an afterparty!

Riot Games

While none of us at The Rift Herald are attending PAX West this year, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun League things you can do!

The meat of Riot’s presence will be on Friday night from 8 p.m. PT until 2 a.m. PT at Showbox SoDo. There will be a League afterparty where there will be games, dancing, photo booths, free stuff and art on display! The party is also being co-hosted by a lot of fan favorite streamers.

Riot Games
Riot Games

At the after party, you’ll also be able to play the three games made at Riot’s hackathon (including Ziggs’ Arcade Blast)! The two other games are titles we didn’t know about, so this may be your only chance to play them! There hasn’t been any word about releasing the two other titles, Demacia Vice Squad and Super X Arcade Gunners.

These games are a much different take on League than we’re used to seeing and they both look amazing. We have no idea what type of games these are, but it looks like DVS features Darius, Garen and Lucian and SXAC features Jinx and Lucian. (Lucian really stroke gold this year, huh?)

We can also probably assume that these games aren’t canon to anything in League lore, no matter how much we want that sweet 90s Darius to be real.

Of course you’ll be getting sweet loot at PAX West; PAX staff will be hanging out goody bags that come with the Neo PAX Sivir skin as well as a limited-edition comic featuring the champion. It should be noted that this is in a PAX goody bag, not a Riot one.

If that’s not enough PAX Sivir for you, there will also be a cosplayer (Ladee Danger) running around in the skin during the conference and the afterparty.

Riot will also be at the Cospitality Lounge at the event in rooms 613 and 614 to offer cosplayers help patching up their broken costumes or just to chat if you need a rest.

It’s going to be a great weekend for League and gaming fans alike, so make sure to go have fun for us. Let us live vicariously through your fun times.