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Listen to the new Pentakill album now


Riot Games

After being teased some time ago, Pentakill’s second album is now available to download through the hub now.

The site has been vastly expanded to include the new music video, streams for the songs, lyrics and even information about all the band members. As you’d expect, the group is vulgar (though their swearing is censored), hardcore and super edgy. It’s great.

There’s also a silly bit towards the end about where the band is going on tour across Runeterra. You can catch Pentakill at “The Immortal Bastion Lounge” in Noxus, the “Sarsen Circle Pit” in Stonehenge, “Howling Abyss Arena” in the Freljord and more. They also have opening acts like “Ice Witch” and “Tiny Feet of Doom” which makes me wonder ... what other champions are in a band?

The band itself is composed of Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, Nine Inch Nails’ Danny Lohner and more — so you know this album is legit. It’s not any of that fake stuff, man.

The new Pentakill Kayle skin has also been announced to release on August 9. The album will be available on streaming services starting Friday.