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We want these Game of Thrones-themed skins in League of Legends

Pairing two popular media brands, what could possibly go wrong!

Game of Thrones is a television show on HBO that has swept the world for years now. Some of you may be sick of hearing about it (please leave), but the GoT obsessed like Austen and Ryan are here to talk about the real hot-button issues. What if we mixed some Game of Thrones fantasy into our League of Legends fantasy ...

WARNING: This article, while goofy in nature, has spoilers for the entirety of Game of Thrones. If you have not watched through at least Season 7, Episode 6, you will be spoiled here. Also, as should be expected with Game of Thrones, there is adult content here. You have been warned.

Tormund Giantsbane Olaf

This is the only one of these that will definitely happen, and that’s only because it already has. Tormund couldn’t possibly be any more like Olaf. The hair, the axes, the ability to rush into battles in a blind rage that makes him completely impossible to stop. We may not ever get some of the other amazing skins on this list, but at least we will always know that League of Legends has Tormund. - Austen

Riot Games

Bran Stark and Hodor Nunu

Riot Games

This one is easy right? Almost feels like cheating. Look, Bran spends a lot of time riding around on the gentle half-giant Hodor. Similarly, Nunu spends a lot of time riding around on his buddy Willump. A match made in heaven. This one works for me on a lot of levels, mainly that we can relive the infamous “hold the door” moment every time we get a Nunu ult and I could certainly see Hodor just devouring some Krugs if he lived in Runeterra. - Ryan

Qybern Yorick


Qyburn may not be a maester but he most certainly would use the dead to do his bidding, which makes him a near perfect match for League’s gravedigger, Yorick. Where Yorick would normally use an army of small ghouls to get things done in game, this skin would make them Qyburn’s terrifying army of children from the end of Season Six. As for Yorick’s Maiden of the Mist, who better for Qyburn to summon than The Mountain, whose is kept somewhere between life and death by Qyburn’s particular brand of “science.” - Austen

Daenerys Targaryen Kled

Much like Kled, Dany seems a little odd without her dragons at her side. While Kled has his giant spear, Daenerys has ... a lot of fire. Remember when she burned down the council chamber in Vaes Dothrak? Give her a torch instead of a spear, a baby dragon on a rope instead of a bear trap and you are basically perfect. All of this not to mention that Dany has the same strange ability to be everywhere in an instant that Kled does, and yet she still got stuck in Meereen for like three seasons (the Game of Thrones equivilent to playing top lane). - Ryan

Syrio Forel Jax


Arya’s dancing master and first sword of Braavos Syrio Forel is one of Game of Throne’s most fan favorite side characters, despite only being in a few episodes. So much so, in fact, that there’s a dedicated contingent on the internet that refuse to believe he really died back in Season one and that somehow, armed only with a wooden sword, he managed to take down the Lannister guards who were sent to take Arya back to Cersei. If there’s one champion who could fight off a group of soldiers with just a wooden sword, it would be the guy who usually fights with a lamppost. Just imagine if he had a real weapon. - Austen

Beric Dondarrion Aatrox

When talking about Game of Thrones or League of Legends, you are likely to get the same blank stare from most people whether you are mentioning Beric or Aatrox. Both of them showed up and seemed like they were gonna be a big deal, and both of them disappeared for years and were forgotten. But this skin pairing goes beyond the mere fact that Beric and Aatrox both die and rise again. Switching modes on the Beric skin will make the sword set on fire, his E will have a great Brotherhood without Banners effect and that ult would give us a great chance to see the Lord of Light, R’hllor, in action. Most importantly, both Aatrox and Beric think that they serve a unique and special purpose in their world, and they are both absolutely useless. - Ryan

The Night King Mordekaiser


Here’s a thing that not a lot of characters can do: resurrect dragons and then bend them to their will. Thankfully for us, both League of Legends, and now, Game of Thrones, have characters with this power, so why not celebrate with a skin. Just imagine, Night King Mordekaiser could summon wights versions of champions from the ground with his ultimate, have a shield of ice and most importantly, resurrect each of the dragons in a new form, with icy blue eyes. As an added bonus, the Elder Dragon could come back as League of Legend’s version of Balerion the Dread, the largest dragon ever in the Game of Thrones universe, whose flame supposedly forged the Iron Throne. - Austen

Robb Stark/Grey Wind Warwick


This one is by far my favorite and the idea that I am most proud of. Look, I know that it is messed up. I know it’s dark. But come on, Robb and Grey Wind together make the perfect Warwick. On his own, Grey Wind isn’t nearly bipedal enough and Robb is hardly that wolfy. They have to go together to make this skin work. Thankfully for us, the Red Wedding happened all the way back in Season 3 and gave us this ... lovely union. Think of the way that Grey Wind was able to bite, lunge, and scratch his way through the war for the King in the North? And think about how Robb was able to walk on two legs. The skin makes itself. - Ryan