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Pentakill's Mortal Reminder music video is metal as hell, and also there are yordles

Who doesn’t like new cinematics?

Riot Games

We knew Pentakill was coming out with new songs as well as a new Kayle skin, but we did not expect a cinematic music video — and boy, are we happy with it.

The whole thing is just so cool. Not only do we get to see Bandle City and other civilian yordles, but just look at Pentakill busting out and wreaking havoc! There’s so much here to unpack. Mordekaiser is huge? Sona just erupted out of an old piano at a bar? Karthus’ ultimate ability didn’t kill any yordles, but turned them into metalheads? Oh my God?

Kayle unfortunately doesn’t have a singing part in this song, but her coming through, kicking Teemo and landing with the rest of the gang was epic. We’re all for bullying Teemo at this publication.

This is the first time we’ve seen random civilians from Runeterra in a cinematic like this and it makes us so interested in the lore and biology behind yordles. Riot, please release some kind of post about it on the Nexus.

We’ve seen more epic cinematics this year than we have in the past, with Xayah and Rakan’s teaser video and now this amazing piece.