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SkinSpotlights’ Urgot live stream lets you watch PBE footage 24/7

All Urgot, all the time!

The SkinSpotlights YouTube channel has brought fans detailed overviews of unreleased skins for years. From full updates to new particle effectsthis l to recall animations, SkinSpotlights is always there to ensure that players have at least some idea of what they are getting before they spend their precious Riot Points.

Turns out, skin videos is not the only thing that SkinSpotlights works on. For the past several champions, there has also been an automated live stream to accompany their upcoming release coverage. Our nasty friend Urgot is no different here. From now until his anticipated release on the 26 of July, you will be able to tune in and watch players test out the crabby monster man in real-time.

Both SkinSpotlights and their affiliate Surrender@20 do an immense amount of work data mining each PBE patch. You can support SkinSpotlights by visiting their YouTube channel or by tipping them directly on the live stream. Surrender@20 has a patreon that you can support to ensure the data-mining masters of League of Legends are around for years to come.