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The new Kayn teaser will make you want to perma-ban him

Seeing him one-shot Ashe made me never want to play bot ever again.

Kayn will be releasing this week and to promote him, Riot has shared a new short trailer to show off how cool he is.

Kayn is discussing with Rhaast about what side to pick - showing the outcomes of both. In one form, he slices through an unsuspecting Ashe and in the other, he bursts through a weary Sion. He confidently knows that no matter what form he uses or who is target is, he’ll come out on top.

Maybe this is a warning that we should ban Kayn in all of our games so he can’t tear through our laners or maybe this is a confirmation that we should all buy Kayn and lock him in so we can tear through the enemy laners.

This animation is simpler than the more in-depth cinematics we’ve seen before, like Xayah and Rakan’s or A New Dawn, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

Kayn should be releasing on Wednesday in patch 7.14.