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The new Ezreal Nendoroid figure is available now

It belongs in a museum.

The new Nendoroid Ezreal figure is available in the Riot Games merch shop now!

This project was done in another partnership with Good Smile Company, the Japanese figure company that produces Nendoroids, Figmas and other 1/8th scale figures.

Nendoroids are a special figure that are small but have a lot of intricate pieces that you can swap out and customize. This includes face plates, accessories, extra limbs for posing and more.

Ezreal comes with two different faceplates, one of him smiling and one of him shouting, as well as a special Trueshot Barrage piece and many different arms and legs for good posing!

The arguably best part about Nendoroids is the fact that you can swap parts with other Nendos you may own. Do you own the previously released Ahri Nendoroid? If you buy the Ezreal Nendo, you can put his head on her body. Now Ezreal is a cute gumiho. Got a Ryuko Matoi Nendoroid? Now Ezreal is trying to avenge his dad in a skimpy outfit while wielding a scissor blade. The possibilities are endless.

The last collaboration between Riot Games and GSC was for the Yasuo Figma and before that was the limited edition Ahri Nendoroid that sold at Worlds in 2014.

We can probably expect to see more collaborations between the two companies in the future. (Hopefully.)