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See the two sides of Lux in newest League of Legends animation

She deals with demons, too.

The final animation in the League animatic series is a simple animated storyboard featuring Lux.

This style looks like a rough Disney style, as if Lux is a princess about to go off and face her destiny! It fits her bubbly and sweet personality really well.

It starts off with her observing light (perhaps her own power,) in a basement. She seems concerned or worried - which is a side of Lux we never see. She then absorbs said light, equips her armor and goes upstairs. There she walks proudly past a series of guards, boards her horse and rides out of Demacia.

Lux is normally such a bubbly and fun-loving character, but seeing her in this more serious is kind of refreshing. It’s hard to believe that somebody who’s so seriously involved in fighting a war for their country could stay so positive, so now we can see that maybe it isn’t all giggles and rainbows.

This is the last in the series and if you haven’t already seen the past animations, they’re about Miss Fortune, Zed and Darius.