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Learn what fear is in the new Darius animatic

No dunking required.

As they’ve released Zed and Miss Fortune animations over the past couple of days, today was Darius’ turn to shine.

The new video shows Darius walking through a snowy mountain, but he seems to be missing his signature axe. As he walks, a pack of wolves begin to surround him, getting ready to leap in and take him down. He begins to talk about what fear really is and shows us how to use it against his enemies.

This animation didn’t feature hardcore fighting like how I expected it to, but it was just as cool. This utilizes more of a 3D animation style than the past two and though the animation itself is simple, the message and tone is great.

It certainly feels like we learned a lot about this horrifying champ’s personality and beliefs. The dialogue in this short video sent chills down my spine and felt so cool.

The video series will continue on Friday with a new animation about Lux.