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Zed animatic shows why he’s one of League’s deadliest champs

Don’t mess with the ninja.

Following the Miss Fortune animatic released on Tuesday, Riot published the next story in line - an animation featuring Zed.

Unlike Miss Fortune’s animatic, this bit doesn’t show much of Zed’s personality or backstory at all. This is just an awesome one minute scene of him busting down on some random helmet-wearing soldiers. (I don’t think any of the guys he’s fighting is the official Helmet Bro, though.)

Zed looks awesome as he bolts around in the monochromatic animation with his red scarf. He expectedly slams down his targets with ease, reminding all of us how un-fun it is to fight a Zed.

This animation style is a little different from the previous one, using a mix of 2D and 3D animation instead of the animated storyboard style. Either way, it fits Zed’s fighting style more, with flying shurikens and shadows flying across the screen.

A new blurb at the bottom of the workshop page says that yet another new animation will release Thursday, this time featuring Darius.