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New Miss Fortune animation shows how badass she is

There’s also a spider in this animation.

Riot announced they’ll be showing us some finished products of the League Animation Workshop, and the first one (released Tuesday) is centered around Miss Fortune.

We already knew that Miss Fortune was a no-nonsense gunslinger who never backed down, but now we get to see her in action.

The animation shows two scenes - one with her resting and capturing a stray spider, and another with her against a whole armada of pirates. After she expectedly takes down the crew, she allows one member to escape but instead of accepting her mercy, he fires back at her. Simultaneously, the animatic shows her freeing the spider, but killing it moments later as it tried to bite her.

I don’t know, guys. I always thought Miss Fortune was cool but her voice lines and outfit made me think she was corny. After seeing this, I don’t think you could pay me to insult her.

The animation style here is obviously different than what we’re used to since they’re using simple animated storyboards to tell a story, but it works so well.

Riot plans to release multiple of these videos, with a new animation on Zed to be released Wednesday.