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Graves’ cigar returns to League of Legends

We did it, Internet!

The unthinkable has been done - Graves finally has his cigar back. After years of his iconic cigar in the game, it was originally removed in 2014 due to a risk of censorship and age restrictions in different regions.

While the tobacco portrayal was fine in the United States, it’s not the case for other countries and Riot tries to unify splash art between regions.

However in Thursday’s Public Beta Environment update, Graves has his cigar back! We’re unsure of the exact reasoning, but we’re assuming Riot worked something out or ratings in other countries have been changed to allow tobacco usage.

Riot Games co-founder Marc Merrill tweeted the champion icon ominously yesterday and many assumed that this meant that Graves would be reunited with his cigar, but we couldn’t be too sure - but now we can!

The best part about this means that the “X can have Y, but Graves can’t have his cigar” meme can finally die. Everyone was sick of seeing it on Facebook, Twitter and just about anywhere League of Legends had a social media account.