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Two new League of Legends champions announced: Xayah and Rakan

“Lovers and rebels.”

The mysterious teases we’ve been getting all week have been confirmed: League of Legends is introducing TWO new champions. Xayah and Rakan will be joining the game’s lineup next month as the game’s first duo release since Pantheon and Gragas in early 2010. In the lore, they are lovers and rebels. In the game, they are an ADC-support duo (although you can play them with other ADCs and supports, if you must).

Check out their launch page here!

Rakan, known as the Charmer, is the male half of this duo, and is the support. It looks like his kit will be focused on distraction, so expect some sort of taunt or charm. Check out his kit here!

Xayah, the Rebel, is the AD Carry of the duo. She has lots of feathers, and expect them to hurt. Check out her kit here!

Both of the champions are bird-themed, and we’ll keep you posted with the lore implications. Expect kits to be dropped later Tuesday!

Previous information:

League of Legends social media has updated again on Monday to reveal what the Sunday’s glowing orb was. It’s two new champions!

While we don’t have their names, roles or any other information on them, we can assume that this will be the first time that League releases two champions at once.

Judging by the caption, we can assume that our new bird people friends are a couple or siblings.

The champion on the right is holding a feather and is in a cloak, so she could be a carry or an assassin champion, whereas the champion on the left is protecting her, so he’s more likely to be a support!

On Sunday, the official League of Legends Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts all changed their icons to a mysterious and shiny image to tease what seems to be a new champion.

Posted by League of Legends on Sunday, April 2, 2017

The last champion to release was Camille in December so it’s high time that a new one releases.

The new champions seem to be some kind of bird person - maybe a harpy? But it could just be a person with wings.

This is a relatively more quiet teaser than we’re used to seeing. Normally we get flashy videos or comics that begin to tell a story, but since it’s just an icon change, we can’t assume too much.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.