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Xayah and Rakan appear in a new short cinematic teaser

Riot, this is so cool. Please give us a movie.

Xayah and Rakan, the two new champions to be released, are starring in their own short cinematic trailer.

The two are fighting for a noble cause — to restore life to a dying forest. It seems that the cause of death is none other than Ionia’s scariest baddy: Zed.

While Rakan is outside taking down lackeys, Xayah and Zed face off in a completely inaccurate portrayal of what it’s like to play as an ADC versus an assassin cool way. We know Xayah’s ultimate ability can be used to counter Zed’s, but she appears to whiff it, taking damage. However, everything worked out in her favor as she calls the feathers back and takes Zed out, clearing up the forest.

We’re not typically graced with trailers of this quality and length. Though we’ve seen short cinematics of Warwick and Kalista in the past, they’re not the same quality that we’re seeing now. This aligns closer to the past longer cinematics we’ve seen like A New Dawn and A Twist of Fate.

Similarly to those older cinematics, there is no actual voice acting in this clip, just some grunting. However, the lack of actual lines doesn’t mean that you can’t see the characters’ vibrant personalities in action.