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The new Dreadnova Darius skin is a spicy space dream

It’s a Hextech Crafting exclusive, though. (Womp womp.)

Dreadnova Darius was announced as one of the two skins to be featured in patch 7.7 and he looks pretty dang good. The only catch is that, just like Hextech Annie and Soulstealer Vayne, it’ll be a Hextech Crafting Exclusive.

Yes, the glorious Darius skin will only be able to be obtained through League’s RNG crafting system. To get him, you either need to randomly roll it or trade in 10 gemstones for it. (Gemstones are randomly rolled from the boxes.)

The skin has a new model and will have special particles, sound effects and a special recall.

The skin matches Gangplank’s Dreadnova skin that launched earlier this year. While Darius obviously doesn’t have the explicit space pirate vibe that Gangplank’s skin had, he does have a really good space executioner vibe.

This skin is on the Public Beta Environment now for players to test and will most likely be released in patch 7.7

This post will be updated as new information becomes available.