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Yordles now officially have less fingers

Singed has gone too far this time!

In the 7.4 Public Beta Environment changes, there is a change that’s a little different from what we’re used to seeing - all the Yordles had two fingers removed. In what appears to be an attempt to make the lore more consistent across all platforms, Yordles now officially have four fingers per hand.


There has been no Riot-given explanation of why this is happening now, but the newer assets for Yordles feature the creatures with four fingers. However, the older bits, like the models for Kennen and the splash art for Lulu, still had them with five fingers.

While it looks okay in most situations because Yordles have tiny hands, some splash art, like for Bittersweet Lulu, look...bizarre. Maybe it’s because her fingers are thicker and more realistic in this splash, but removing one really made this splash look creepy.

We won’t complain about solidifying lore and Yordle biology, though! All of these changes are on the PBE now, so things can still be changed before going onto the live server. (I’m crossing my fingers for them to make Bittersweet Lulu’s fingers less...creepy.)

You can see all the Yordle updates on Surrender@20.