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This cute new Dino Gnar plush is sure to brighten your day

(Makes grabby hands.) Gimme, gimme!

You come home from a long day of work or class and you’re exhausted. Lucky for you, you have a cuddly Dino Gnar to cuddle with once you get home! Squeeze out all that stress with a new version of the older Gnar plush.

The Dino Gnar plush is $30 at the Riot Games Merch shop, not including shipping. He has his trademark adorable onesie and you can even take off the hood!

This fuzzy-wuzzy little baby is made with polyester fiber for that sweet soft feeling. He stands around 12.5 inches tall, so you can totally cradle him in your arms and pretend he’s the softest baby you’ll ever hold!

He’d also do great as a bedroom warrior, who protects your space from intruders. Just plop him on your bed before you leave, facing the door, and he’ll probably chuck some boomerangs at any unlucky intruders. If they put up a fight, he might even go Mega Gnar! (Disclaimer: This will not happen because this plush is an inanimate object, but we can dream, right?)