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Get League of Legends wallpapers and screensavers using League Displays

Animated art and fan art is also included!

If you’ve ever wanted one of those sweet animated login screens as your screensaver, you can do that now!

Riot Games has released an updated version of their wallpaper and screensaver application, letting you pick from from hundreds of high-resolution images and animations.

If you like esports, there’s a section for photos from events and splash art from the esports skins. Big into the landscapes and lore? There’s an entire Runeterra section for that. Maybe you just want Star Guardian or PROJECT stuff. You can do that, too.

Riot released a wallpaper engine many moons ago, but it had long been abandoned and un-updated. This new version will be updated each patch with new splash art and the like, so it’ll always be fresh.

To be clear, you don’t need to have this application running in order to keep the wallpapers and screensavers going. Simply launch it, click the ones you want and click “finalize.”

If you’re like me and you like to set your own desktop backgrounds and organize them accordingly, you can also download the art yourself to set it how you want! Just click the little arrow at the top of the thumbnail and save it where you want.

Nice one, Riot. We love you for making this.