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Check out your League of Legends year in review

All of your personal milestones are recorded nicely here.

Just like last year, you can check out your yearly League of Legends statistics on this dope webpage! You can also see it in the game client.

The page breaks things down in neat ways, too. You can see how well you played on a new champion or skin after you bought them or any specifically good games on champions you like.

It also counts your number of multikills, what categories you got honor in and even how well you play your favored roles in comparison to different ranks. (I totally deserve to be a Challenger support.)

Even if you felt like this wasn’t your year in League, these achievements have a way to make you feel special. Did you die to Vayne the most? Well, don’t feel bad because you also killed Vaynes the most.

The neat thing is that the end of the page prepares you for a new journey: 2018. It lists out three champions in your top two roles that you might want to pick up based on your playstyle!

Seeing all this information just felt like a satisfying way to wrap up 2017. Onward to 2018!