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Star Wars skins we want to see in League, 2017 edition

How far, far away can Summoner’s Rift be anyhow?

I love League of Legends, but nothing gets me more excited than Star Wars season every year. It’s that time of the year again, so why not combine my two loves into one stupid list full of bad ideas.

Give me Star Wars skins, Riot. I’ll even help you come up with some good ones.

Ewok Ornn

I don’t mean to start with (maybe) the stupidest idea on this list but I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. For the past day, I keep coming back to this thought and I can’t stop laughing. Imagine the Ewok celebration from Return of the Jedi. The camera pans over our heroes and all of their new furry friends. Everyone is having fun, except for one gigantic, grumpy looking Ewok in the background. Ewok Ornn: a joke that I think is much funnier than it actually is.

Jawa Teemo

This one is easy. Remember in A New Hope when R2 is just rollin’ along and gets jacked by some Jawas? I mean, they basically just Teemo him. He rolls over a trap and they un-stealth to mess him up. But instead of just being able to blend into bushes, Jawas can disappear into rocks. Same basic principle. We’ve all felt like R2 in games that had a Teemo in it.

Trash Compactor Zac

Zac needs some good skins, so why not dress him up as the trash compactor monster from A New Hope? That slimy thing grabs Luke and almost drowns him. How different is that really from Zac grabbing you with his Q? Plus, lot’s of folks already think Zac is a garbage champion, so it works.

Bantha Rider Sejuani

When we did this Star Wars skin post last year we had Tusken Raider Caitlyn. So why not have Bantha Rider Sejuani this year? Sej has so many random skins where she is riding random things. How hard would it be to put her on top of a furry sand cow instead of a boar? It’s basically the same animal!

Rancor Cho’Gath

This one is a no brainer. Cho’Gath eats stuff and is an ugly monster. In Episode VI, the Rancor eats stuff and is an ugly monster. Look how easy that one was to put together.

Chirrut Imwe Lee Sin

Chirrut Imwe, played by the marvelous Donnie Yen, in Rogue One, is one of Star Wars’ coolest characters. He is essentially a blind monk (sound familiar?) that follows the Force without being a Jedi. Hey, League players, we have a blind monk in our game don’t we? Lee Sin is a super cool, very popular champion. Pair him up with this Star Wars character that perfectly captures his identity and you have a best selling skin on your hands.

Emperor Kassadin

Kassadin is weird and mysterious, kind of like the Emperor before the prequels came out. Well, the good old Emperor has lots of cool, short range magic powers and kinda seems to float everywhere he goes. That’s essentially just what Kassadin is: a floaty, short-range mage. Put two and two together and you get “old man in a cloak Kassadin” that spits lightning whenever he Rift Walks.

Chewbacca Bard

I like this one because it’s stupid and makes very little sense. Instead of collecting chimes, Chewie Bard can grab Power Converters and have little Porgs follow him around. As of this writing, I haven’t seen Episode VIII yet, but I already know how badly I want to see Chewie chuck a Porg. How does the rest of Bard’s abilities work? Who knows? Maybe his Q is a bola, maybe when he puts champs in Stasis, the Millennium Falcon just comes and lands on them for a second. I’m the idea man here, not the artist.

Kylo Ren Kayn

Warning: this one has spoilers for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

I think we have saved the best for last. Kayn has two forms and Kylo is being torn between the light and the dark. When the game starts, we would have Kylo without his mask, still in his Sith robes, but when it comes time to transform into Shadow Assassin or Darkin, that’s when this skin comes to life. Shadow Assassin Kylo Kayn would be a reality we never have seen. Ben Solo returns to the light side and cleanses the dark side from him. But if you choose Darkin Kayn, Kylo dons the helmet and his lightsaber becomes even more unstable than before.

Riot, if you can make any of these happen, let it be this one please. Don’t let Han Solo’s death mean nothing.