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Watch the League of Legends Live concert in Beijing here

A great performance for fans who want to feel waves of nostalgia pour over.

To celebrate League and the 2017 World Championship, Riot Games held a live concert at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing. The concert streamed free for anyone who couldn’t make it to China, but if you missed the live stream, you can watch the full VOD above.

The musicians performing did an amazing job and the event looks beautiful. There are even cosplayers on stage during certain songs, like Xayah and Rakan’s theme song!

A huge variety of League music was played, from champion themes to the Star Guardian “Burning Bright” track. If you love League music, you’ll love this.

Alan Walker’s medley of the past World theme songs is a treat and made me get really hyped for finals. His mix with the different vocals all being sung live is spine chilling for sure. (He even performs his hit track “Faded.”)

The World Finals will start at 3 a.m. ET on November 4, so make sure to tune in to watch Samsung Galaxy face off against three-time champions SK telecom T1.