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Over $2 million raised for charity from Championship Ashe proceeds

That is a lot of money.

Riot Games

Riot Games announced that 25 percent of the proceeds from Championship Ashe and the 2017 Championship Ward would be going to a fan-voted charity. Fans ended up raising $2.35 million for charity, with the same amount of money going to the Worlds 2017 prize pool.

A little over 4 million players voted for a charity and BasicNeeds won the vote, successfully getting $1.175 million. Learning Equality and the Raspberry Pi Foundation both get the other half of the donation pool, each getting $587,500.

Players were able to vote for their charity of choice within the game client. The higher the player’s honor level, the more their vote counted, though only players with honor level three or higher were able to vote.

Each charity has an amazing cause, so it certainly feels good that everyone gets some money.

If you want to donate directly to these causes, check out the websites for BasicNeeds, Learning Equality and the Raspberry Pi Foundation.