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Guess the League champions using these word clouds

It’s not too hard.

The latest of Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon’s Quick Gameplay Thoughts has showed us neat word clouds that Riot aggregates to show how players see specific champions. Each cloud is obtained through surveys in the League client.

The bigger the word, the more often it’s used. Through this, Riot can identify what the defining features players notice on a champion and if their personality is different and fleshed out.

Van Roon shared four word clouds below. Can you guess who they all are? (Probably.)

The answers are: Irelia, Jinx, Braum and Teemo!

Not only are these clouds hilarious (Braum has both spellings of mustache) but it’s really interesting to see what players have to say about champions. More people find Teemo to be annoying than they do cute. More people find Irelia fun than they do boring. A fair amount of players also mentioned Irelia’s butt. Ahem.

These were extremely fun to analyze on our side, so Riot, please show us more!