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Augmented reality League match shown in Google Pixel 2 event


The Verge

During the Google Pixel 2 livestream, we got to see a very brief glimpse at what augmented reality could mean for League.

It was a very small shot, but for a view seconds, you can see what it would be like to spectate a game using AR. The characters seem static, but it looks like you’ll be able to look around the map, see player positions as well as champion abilities.

What we saw was a replay viewing platform from Grab AR. You can see the same clip from the stream below.

From the name alone, we can assume that this isn’t a live professional game, but a replay of a past recorded game.

The interface seems very crowded, with things to look at in every corner, but that’s also part of the magic of AR. You can have accessible information anywhere around you.

This isn’t officially promoted by Riot Games or anything, but it gives us a look into what we can have in the future.

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