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Last minute League of Legends Halloween costume ideas

Results may vary.

Riot Games

It’s Halloween and some of you probably don’t have a costume yet. (Come on, guys. You have 364 days a year to prepare for Halloween.) Lucky for you, we’re masters of having a college-level budget and using household items to make costumes that look at least somewhat presentable.

Note: All of these ideas are fairly bad and will win you no costume contests. We’re not responsible for your humiliation when you trick-or-treat or when you show up to Halloween parties.


This should be easy. Wrap yourself in some toilet paper to be a traditional mummy. From there you can just use a marker to color in his enormous yellow eyes! If you want to step it up, you could wear a suit, put a rodent on your head and be Almost Prom King Amumu.

Striker Ezreal

Riot Games

Put on a soccer jersey and a pair of pool goggles. If you want to go that extra mile and wear his gauntlet, cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup and draw on the details. Instant gauntlet.


Just take off your shirt and light yourself on fire. (I’m now being told by our legal team that I shouldn’t encourage this. So don’t actually do it.)

Twisted Fate

Put on a suit and a cowboy hat. You’re already Twisted Fate. For extra zest, you can carry around a deck of cards and grow out your beard.


Riot Games

Go outside and pick up as many leaves and branches as you can and hot glue them to articles of clothing that you like the least. Use a toxic-free gluestick to glue the leaves onto your eyebrows and hairline, which is the most important part.

Lumberjack Sion

Plaid shirt, suspenders and a black beanie. Carrying around an axe would be nice, too. Wait. This is just a normal lumberjack. Uhm, okay, also embed the crown of a king you killed onto your jaw. There we go.

North America at Worlds

Cover your body in glue and then go roll around in a bunch of trash. You did it.

Autofilled support

Just yell “MID OR INT” at random strangers! No costume required!

Your ELO

This costume is going to be a little more subtle, so you can test your friends to see who is really paying attention. Arrive at the function standing upright, and as the night progresses, just start slouching lower and lower until you’re basically crawling around. To add flavor, don’t forget to flame anyone nearby!

Flame Horizon

Find a piece of paper, write “>100,” and stand next to people! Voilà!