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Listen to your favorite League songs at League of Legends Live in Beijing

The perfect hype concert a day before Finals!

Riot Games

Riot has announced that there is going to be a live concert a day before the Finals match. The music performed there will be songs League fans will recognize, from DJ Sona tracks to Worlds theme songs.

The event has a pretty legit line up:

  • Alan Walker
  • Mako
  • Pentakill
  • The Crystal Method
  • Yundi
  • PG One
  • Nicki Taylor
  • Lunity
  • Albert Chang of sleightlymusical
  • TJ Brown
  • Rainbow Chamber Singers
  • DJ Xu Meng Yuan
  • The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra

The event is going to take place at the Beijing National Aquatics Center on November 3 at 7:30 a.m. ET. If you can’t be there to watch the concert live, you can watch it on lolesports!

A similar event was held at the 2016 World Championship at LA Live, with a concert finishing off the event after there was a showmatch, a cosplay show and live participation in the (now kind of gone) Primetime League. While this event doesn’t seem to have those other components, as it’s just a League concert and not a festival, it’s still bound to be an amazing experience.