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Evelynn’s rework concept art shows us what could have been

Hellooooo, demon-seductress-succubus-lady!

Riot Games

In a Nexus post by writer Bananaband1t, we got to see what Evelynn’s design process was like and what she could have been. And these designs are dope.

Riot Games

The post notes that Riot was looking into more horrifying designs for Evelynn, like you see above. Multiple limbs, smokey tentacles coming from cracked flesh and a version with many eyes. In the end, they ditched these designs to make her more appealing as a succubus. After all, most people wouldn’t go after a woman with eight limbs or one with four eyes. Those people are wrong and have shit taste.

Riot Games

You can see sketches for her kit as well, which are all extremely expressive. These movements look great as sketches. The messy ink style works amazingly with Evelynn’s theme. You normally don’t get to see all these types of pose in the game, as they happen in the blink of an eye.

The shot of Evelynn striking the person while caressing their cheek is awesome and badass.

Concept art like this is always nice to see, though I’m definitely going to be mourning the loss of eight-limb Evelynn until the end of time.