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Choose what charity wins half of the Championship Ashe charity pool

You only get to vote if you’re honorable!

Riot Games

Starting Wednesday, you can vote for what charity you want to win the proceeds from the Championship Ashe skin. One charity will receive half of 25 percent of the earnings from the skin and the ward skin. The other two charities will split the remaining half.

The three charities to vote for are BasicNeeds, Learning Equality and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. All of them are quite different and focus on different needs. Take a look below to figure out what cause is the more important to you!

The higher honor level you have, the more your vote counts! Only honor 3 and up users will be able to vote. Honor 4 players have their votes multiplied by 1.5 and honor 5 players have their votes multiplied by two.

To vote, just head over to the “vote for charity” tab on the main page of your game client. From there, you can pick your favorite charity! Voting ends on November 5 at 2:59 a.m ET, so make sure you vote before then.