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Tyler1 announces that he may be able to play League publicly again

I guess he reformed after all!

Riot Games

After the huge mess this month, streamer Tyler1 has given an update on his ban from League of Legends.

He announced on stream that a message from Riot said that if he wants to be able to play League freely again, he will have to submit all of his accounts he’s played on in the past month. If the accounts all come up clean (presumably with no reports or chat restrictions), then he will be allowed to play and stream League again.

Rioter The_Cactopus made it clear on Reddit that he will not be getting his old account back. Once an account is permanently banned, it’s gone. Tyler1’s accounts have been permabanned, but he is also on an “ID ban,” which means he gets his accounts banned when he gets caught playing. If Tyler1 were to pass these conditions, the ID ban would be lifted, and he’d be able to play again on a new account.

Tyler1 was permanently banned in 2016 after being reported numerous times for being overly toxic. Despite his good mechanics and skill, he would frequently rage in games. He has been unable to stream League, as his accounts would be near-instantly banned. In the past year, he has been marketing himself as “reformed,” saying that he’s better now and that he’s found other ways to release his anger.