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Heartseeker Quinn as a Pokemon trainer is the Reddit crossover you need today

I’d definitely play a League x Pokemon game.

Reddit user lili-art posted a drawing of Heartseeker Quinn (and Valor) in Ken Sugimori’s iconic Pokemon art style.

With Valor by her side, she really looks like she can be a Pokemon trainer! The Heartseeker look really fits in the Pokemon style and Valor looks like a cute flying-type ‘mon.

You can see the full version of the portrait below.

This just makes us want more. With Quinn being a flying-type gym leader, Vayne could be steel-type, Ezreal could be electric-type, Kalista could be ghost-type...the list goes on!

Please, somebody make a Pokemon and League of Legends crossover game to satisfy our hunger for more. (Do not actually do this. Nintendo will shut it down immediately, like how they do for other fan-made games.) We’ve already seen a fan-made video of what this could look like.

The artist, Lili, can be found on Instagram and Tumblr, but fair warning: the Tumblr is not safe for work.