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Who’s your favorite League of Legends champion? Find out with this sorter

If you don’t have Mastery 7 for your top five favorites, you’re not real.

I like a lot of League of Legends champions and sometimes I have a hard time deciding who my favorites are. After all, there are 134 of these things in the game, so it’s pretty difficult to list them off the top of your head.

Do I like Vayne or Soraka more? Or maybe Vi is my favorite? This sorter will help you decide! Character sorters like this for certain series are fairly popular on the internet. I went ahead and made this one using a template from Tumblr-user mostlypoptarts.

Completing the sorter can take a long time, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you have a sweet champion list that proves that yes, Singed is indeed your least favorite champion of all time.

The results will show up below the sorter when you are 100 percent finished. Good luck!

WARNING: Picking "I like both" or "No opinion" too many times will skew your answers.

Battle #1
0% sorted.
I Like Both
No Opinion