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If you’re in China, you can play League of Legends on a console

You need to have some money to burn, too.

Riot Games parent company Tencent Games announced a new gaming platform a few months ago: the TGP (Tencent Games Platform). As can be the case with news in China, it took a little bit for word to travel to the states, but a console that runs Tencent games means one thing -- League of Legends on a console.

It also means other things — the Tencent Games Platform has access to a variety of games, including FIFA online and Call of Duty, but League of Legends on a console is the kind of news that draws attention.

The console also functions as a full Windows 10 PC, and will run you upwards of $549. To play a free-to-play game like League, that’s a steep price, but when you throw a functional computer and other popular games in the deal, it sounds more and more appealing.

The console will only be available in China, so sorry to the rest of you hoping to try out your sick Riven moves on a controller. Whether or not the game will require an update for console play remains to be seen.

h/t PvPLive