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Worlds merch added to the store, includes Championship Riven figure

Show everyone that you’re victorious.

Riot Games

This years line-up of special World Championship goodies has been revealed at the Riot merch shop. The stuff won’t be available for purchase until September 28, but you can still look in awe.

There’s a plethora of clothes that show off the black and gold Worlds decor and a shirt that shows all of the Championship skins together as a team.

The t-shirt will be $25, the hoodie will be $65, the fitted hat will be $30 and the bomber jacket will be a steep $120. The clothes are going to run for a limited time.

Last year Riot released a Championship Thresh mini-figure to commemorate Worlds and this year Riven takes that honor. Her figure will be available for $30 and she’ll also come with a skin code to unlock Championship Riven! This version will not include her special particles.

Thresh sold out fast last year, so Riven is bound to fly off the shelves (or out of the warehouse?) quickly!