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The most ridiculous League of Legends team names of all time

Actually, these are kind of awesome.

We’re used to seeing big team names like Fnatic and Cloud9 that have that professional ring to it, but not every competitive League of Legends team name is as polished. We already know about the Unicorns of Love and Ninjas in Pyjamas, but what about the smaller teams?

Allow me to present to you some of the more bizarre competitive team names that have ever existed.

Fat Rabbit/Panda Cub Hugging Club

I really loved Vietnamese team Fat Rabbit. They had the coolest team logo and the coolest name ever but before disbanding, they rebranded to...Panda Cub Hugging Club, with a terrible logo. I’ll never get over it. The original logo was this cool rabbit wearing a suit, and then it turned into...this abomination.

Team Solo Mebdi

Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi was the star AD-carry for this team before three of its starting players were banned for extreme toxicity. Well, it was funny while it lasted. (Also being an AD-carry means you don’t solo lane, so...the name didn’t make that much sense.)

Choppa in da Car

This is the title of a Lil’ Wayne song. It is also the name of a team that had Phoenix1’s Brandon "Mash" Phan. According to esportswikis, the team logo was that military baby meme. You know the one.

Spy Dolphins

I don’t really have any snarky comments about this Latin American team, but...I kind of love it. I love the logo and the name. I want to be a Spy Dolphin player.

The Walking Zed

Something about this name screams copyright infringement, but this team almost actually beat Coast in the Challenger Series back in 2013. We can only imagine the team they would have been if they had won.


I was ready to see a line-up filled with high-elo females, but instead I was greeted by Michael "Bunnyfufuu" Kurylo. This was a fabulous team that tried to qualify for the 2014 Challenger Series, but didn’t make the cut.

Salade Tomate Oignon

This French Challenger team’s name makes me hungry. Something about the clipart in the logo is strangely satisfying. I want to love this team. I want to support them.


I don’t really have to say anything about this team. An "Balls" Le and Jake "Xmithie" Puchero were both members of APictureOfAGoose and the team is known for beating out Counter Logic Gaming at IEM with a Jarvan IV and Leona bot-lane. Interesting.

Steve Bakes Cookies

As expected, this is a team with Etienne "Steve" Michels. That’s really all there is to it.

Just Toys Havoks

This Mexican team’s name isn’t actually horrible. The abbreviation is what makes it horrible. It’s abbreviated as JTHvK, which is just...long. Why isn’t it just JTH? I don’t know.

There are many more awkward team names, but I’m afraid I’m just not witty enough to think of some kind of quip for all of them.

If you're starting up a Challenger team and you need name ideas, we have a sweet name generator to help you out!