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The new Yasuo figure coming to Riot's merch shop is SO FREAKING COOL

This opens a whole new world of figure possibilities.

Riot Games

Riot announced Thursday that you can now pre-order their newest figure, a pose-able Yasuo figma by Good Smile Company.

The figure can be pre-ordered for $65 and it has an estimated ship date for December. Pre-orders will come with a special metal card.

He’s going to be very pose-able, since figmas all have small ball-joints in the knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles and pelvis. (Though Yasuo’s pants are on the baggy side, so the pelvic joint will be a bit lower.)

He comes with a sword, his flute and one of his famous wind tornadoes. He'll also have an articulated, so you can pose him however you want.

Figmas are a type of figure produced by Good Smile Company. GSC is extremely well-known in Japan for making nice figures of anime and video game characters. In the past, Riot has worked for GSC to produce a special Ahri Nendoroid that was only sold at Worlds in 2014.

Nendoroids are another GSC-exlusive figure time. They're much smaller and shown in a more "chibi" Japanese style. They, like figmas, are pretty pose-able and come with lots of accessories for lots of customization!

This really opens the doors for a lot of new opportunities if Riot continues to work with Good Smile Company. GSC's most prominent figures are their 1/8th scales that have rediculous amounts of detail. If we could get a nice GSC League of Legends 1/8th scale, that would be amazing.

Riot has made some cool larger scale figures, like their Thresh and Twisted Fate statues, but the quality just don't compare to something like this:

Just image a DJ Sona figure like this. (This was the 2014 Racing Hatsune Miku figure.)