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Uncle Ryze’s new ult makes an eagle scream and it’s amazing


Ryze’s rework is up on PBE right now and it includes this amazingly patriotic eagle screech when he uses his ult.

His new ultimate, Realm Warp, teleports him and all allied units in a giant area-of-effect to a location. We’ve already seen the amazing potential that this has, whether it’s cheesing somebody with a Nunu ult or teleporting empowered minions to help siege a tower.

Now if you use the Uncle Ryze skin and ult, you get this glorious eagle screech of patriotism. What better way to say that you’ve arrived than to have an eagle scream?

The sound itself is pretty tilting. If there was an ability that made the eagle scream more often, the skin would definitely become one of the most annoying in the game. Just like Pool Party Renekton's recall, I'm sure the sound effect will be used often to put your enemies on edge.

It’s a shame this wasn’t added before July 4th. It would have been awesome to spam Uncle Ryze in PBE games.