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Art of Legends: Get JINXED with this amazing Zombie Slayer cosplay

I'm not drooling. You're drooling.

Another week means more great work has been posted online. Again, we've rounded up some great pieces for you to look at in one place!

If you missed out on last week's Art of Legends, you can see all the pieces here.

LoL: Not yet time to die by Fiveonthe

This piece illustrates a part of Taliyah's lore with Yasuo. The detail on Yasuo's shoulder-piece and Taliyah's clothing are fantastic. The background also makes it seem like this image could come straight out of a fantasy storybook.

Jinx and Vi! : Youtube by rossdraws

The electrifying colors in this work really makes it exciting! The artist really took Vi and Jinx into new levels of electro-punk and it suits them super well. He used the characters' colors to compliment each other to create a really cool piece of art.

ちびアカデミーブラッドミア by nyao

Academy Vladimir has never looked cuter! His pouty face really makes him seem like an emo-kid high-schooler. The textures overlay in the background adds a nice Victorian-esque look, suiting Vlad perfectly.

GET JINXED by SpcatsTasha

Tasha is a known cosplayer in the community and she never disappoints when she reveals something new. Her costumes are a joint-effort by SpiralCats, a cosplay group in South Korea. She pulls off Zombie Slayer Jinx fantastically and the foggy setting and green lighting make her look even more real!

LOL FanArt-ZED by OrenkiGenya

The shadowy vibe of this painting is amazing. The shiny effects on his eyes and blades show that Zed is a force to be reckoned with and they just make him look so damn cool.

We'll be showcasing our favorite pieces that we find every week. If you have something cool you want to show off, feel free to show us in the comments!