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Art of Legends: Garen shows his soft side

Awesome creative League goodies from around the 'net all in one place.

Everyday artists of various media post their masterpieces online. League of Legends fans are not only ridiculously talented, but they're extremely detailed in their work, using the character's lore and personality to shape their art.

If you're looking phone or desktop background, trying to add some new content to your Jinx folder or just looking to appreciate some sweet pieces, this is the post for you.

Abyssal Voyage by Davi Comodo

Tahm Kench can't solely feed off of other champions and people and this piece shows him grabbing an in-between snack. The textures on his tongue and fingers really make him seem real!

Garen by TheMaestroNoob

This work shows off Garen's more compassionate side, as he stares at one of Katarina's blades. This, of course, alludes to their secret relationship that is hinted at in their lore. It's nice to see Garen making an expression that isn't screaming.

Captain Fortune - League of Legends by Hieichy

Everything about this photo of Hieichy's cosplay is amazing. The setting fits perfectly, and the detail of her costume is mind-blowing! She even has her guns, Shock and Awe, resting on the fallen palm tree. My favorite part is how real her wig looks.

POP-STAR JINX by oopartz

Just about everyone loves Loiza's pop-star designs. Oopartz's dynamic take on Jinx's fan-skin is super fun, with the pink explosions in the background, dynamic pose and shiny set of chompers.

Ashe by riceonstacks

This painting shows a different side of the "I only need one shot!" confident Ashe we all know. It's a bit more realistic, showing how she probably feels stressed about having to fight for and rule her country with the pressures of the Sejuani and Lissandra looming over her. The snowy winds added a nice touch, too.

We'll be showcasing our favorite pieces that we find every week. If you have something cool you want to show off, feel free to show us in the comments!