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Which League of Legends champions could fit into the Star Wars universe?

Yeah, writing this stuff is my job.

New Star Wars is here and therefore it is all I can think about, even when having to write about League. So, I figured why not try and combine my two loves by listing out which League of Legends champions could fit nicely into the Star Wars universe. For this particular list, my general thought process was “who would we have to change the least to have them fit in with Luke, Leia, and the rest of the gang.” There are probably a ton of other great picks out there, but these are my personal favorites.

Graves & Twisted Fate

These two goobers are, in my opinion, the two most obvious “almost Star Wars characters” on this entire list. I mean, can’t you just see Graves and TF toting around the galaxy in whatever their equivalent to the Millennium Falcon is? They would be smugglers, plain and simple, 100%. They probably owe Jabba credits, and they have probably have run into Han and Chewie a of couple times. Look at that splash art and tell me that these two aren’t Luke and Old Ben’s second choice for transport to Alderaan. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Blitzcrank & Orianna

Blitz and Ori seem destined to be rolling around in a sandcrawler with a bunch of Jawas. Maybe R2-D2 and C-3PO run into them when they get captured in a New Hope? Maybe they are in the droid dungeons of Jabba’s palace? Who knows. 3PO and R2 get themselves into a bunch of trouble over the course of the series, who is to say that they don’t run into a weird barrel chested robot and his creepy ballerina friend? I could see it.


Jhin feels so much like a Star Wars bounty hunter already. To see him roaming the underbelly of Coruscant, taking out contracts, would feel pretty natural. He would obviously have to upgrade his equipment to be a little powered, but still. With his weird, artsy vibe and his crazy mask, he seems like he would be into some of the weird occult stuff that Star Wars offers. Coruscant has some nasty secrets and some weird characters, and Jhin would probably feel right at home there.

Kha’Zix & Kog’Maw

I like the idea of bumping into Kha or Kog in the jungles of Fulucia. There are so many crazy looking death creatures in Star Wars already that these two icky void bug/puppy things would fit pretty nicely. They are both a little goopy and strange, which would fit well into the over sized flora and fauna of Fulucia. I would love to read a Star Wars story where a Jedi’s ship crashes on Fulucia and they have to survive being hunted by Kha’Zix, and get chased down by a pack of wild Kog’Maw. From an ascetic perspective, they both seem perfect.

Lee Sin, Jax, Master Yi, & Yasuo

Wait, did you just pick the four martial arts/sword champions with an eastern influence? Yes I did. Why? Well, because the Jedi are very much influenced by martial arts and by eastern ideals, especially in terms of their code and philosophy. The Jedi are basically Samurai, or at least, they were intended to be that way during the days of the Old Republic. So, Lee Sin essentially already sees through the force, Jax can dodge bullets with a stick, Yi literally meditates by floating in the air (and already has a Star Wars skin that turns his Wuju blade into a lightsaber for god’s sake), and Yasuo can block all projectiles with a wave of his sword by creating a wouldn’t take a lot to make all of these dudes into Star Wars dudes (see picture above for ‘oh duh’ levels of proof).

Syndra & Taliyah

These two feel so very light side and dark side to me. While we don’t really have any precedent for dark side users to manifest and fling dark energy in ball form (sorry Syndra), it is extremely common for Jedi to hurl pieces of earth through force movement. But just in terms of power and personality, both of these characters would fit into their respective Jedi/Sith camps. I mean, have you hear about how much untapped power Syndra has been looking into lately? So. Much.


I mean...ok...hear me out. No, Viktor is not as cool as Darth Vader (I mean, who is, am I right?) But the two certainly do share similarities. In all seriousness, we see a couple people get some body parts replaced in the Star Wars series (in Vader’s case, a LOT of body parts). It would not seem very out of canon at all for some nut to worship the idea of perfection through machinery. There are plenty of very tech savvy people found in a galaxy far, far away, who is to say that Viktor isn’t one of them?


I just think this picture is funny

I am not 100% sure why Zac is on this list to be honest. Ever since I started thinking about writing this piece, I have not been able to get Zac out of my mind. There is nothing quite like him in Star Wars, but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t fit. Part of what makes Star Wars so cool, especially Return of the Jedi (the weakest of the original three in my opinion) is how much it introduces the viewer to so many strange new things so quickly There is just this explosion of weird looking things everywhere you look, and yet none of it feels out of place; it all feels as though it belongs there. I think that is part of why I love Star Wars so much. If Return of the Jedi were to be remade today (please don’t) (please. don’t.), then I would not be surprised at all to see a nine foot human shaped jello monster standing at the bar in Jabba’s palace. Of all the League champions, Zac feels like one of the most alien, and maybe I think that’s what makes him so Star Warsy.

So there are my picks, which champion could you see in the Star Wars universe? Please comment below and give me an excuse to talk about Star Wars a little longer.