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Make your own adorable poro snax on your phone

Oooh nooo...this is sooo cute...I’m dying from cute overload!

If you go this special Poro Snax website on your mobile device or tablet, you too, can be a master chef like Tahm Kench!

The game is simple and cute, but you don’t get anything for doing it. It’s just for funsies!

You make Poro Snax using special ingredients that have to do with Champions! Sprinkle your snack with Lulu’s Secret Sauce or Thresh Mini Souls. You can add flavored Soraka bananas and special candy versions of Annie’s bear, Tibbers!

At the very end, you can top your snack off with a little Poro. I don’t really get this part. Is it a candy Poro? Aren’t these Poro Snax? Should they be eating small versions of themselves? I don’t know. It’s cute anyway.

You can see the special snack I made here as an example! (This link will only work on mobile devices!)

After you’re done making your special snack, you can add a message to it and share the link to your friends - or you can cover a snack in Teemo mushrooms Cho’Gath Vorpal Spikes and send it to your enemies. We won’t judge you.